English Speaking club

15.05.19 (18:30-21:00)
Стоимость: от 330 грн
Topic 1: Motivation
What motivates some people to achieve? Is Money the best motivation? In the modern world, how are people motivated?

  1. We will begin with a brief discussion on motivation.
  2. Introduction of vocabulary.
  3. 15 minute video: Dan Pink the Puzzle of Motivation.
  4. Discussion about the ideas presented in the video.
  5. Brief language and grammar correction.
The discussion will be light and informal, the goal is to allow a comfortable environment to express your ideas and thoughts in English. The hour should be fun and entertaining with new vocabulary and a few new ideas. Everyone will have the chance to contribute, the best way to speak English is simply to try.

Jason Tibbets
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Дата - 15.05.19 (18:30-21:00)
Стоимость - до 05.05 - 330 грн
с 06.05 - 380 грн
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